I like so many fell in love with all the beautiful Instagram images of this far away land (or at least I thought it was far) Magical sunrises and fairies in the sky Cappadocia was something out of a dream I was super excited to be spending my first vacation there after giving birth to my second son just 3 months before.
I myself had already been to Turkey once before and really enjoyed the historical depth of the country so I was already a little familiar with the customs.
I arrived in Cappadocia late in the night after a 7 hour drive from Antalya through the Turkish mountains to the inland region of Anatolia; 3 hours later I was up and driving out to the balloons to catch the sunrise.
After what felt like the longest drive and the shortest nap we were floating in the sky watching the sun open up over a horizon of never ending mountains.

A picture can say a thousand words

Bangkok we got split from other female journalists from our group (they went ahead to explore the food/shopping scene of Bangkok with Tippy our guide) and Lisa and I got a new guide/our new Thai bestie Peach. Peach was sooooo cute. Not only she was helping us take just the best photos, but she also would run up to be when Lisa was taking my photos and fix my hair/makeup, tell me I look beautiful etc. Haha! Peach was a terrible help when it came to ironing though. True story, but more on that later;-)
Below: one of the most favorite photos from the trip, captured by Peach the guide.