As we’ve now officially entered Autumn/Fall better known to us Brits as party season 🙂 (not that we really need any more reasons to have a drink lol) it’s only right that I take a look at the best places to party or have a few cocktails in London this season.

Technically living in Hertfordshire i’m always a visitor when I’m in London which does kind of make it a little more fun when I’m finding new spots to hangout or have a few drinks with my friends.

London is always buzzing this time of year with Halloween parties to consider then all the work do parties and Christmas parties and finally the big finale NYE which I must say I actually haven’t spent in London for a few years but I definitely always hear good things, in recent years my New Years have been spent in Dubai, LA, Paris and Frankfurt this year I was in the UK at home curled up in bed nearly 5 months pregnant.

It’s hard sometimes trying to figure out where you should go especially with all the annoying factors to consider, ‘what’s the music like, what kind of people go there, how much am I gonna need to spend, how do I get there, what am I gonna wear, how am I even gonna get home’ I obviously realise not everyone is going to like my recommendations as this is based on a girls who evidently loves a bit of spice in her food, loves a sweet cocktail, can’t help but dance like a gangster to all variations of hip hop, will happily take the shot no matter what the situation so with that in mind these are a few of my recommendations for places to visit in London.

These are a few of the best trendy spots to visit in London this season ( ooh I forgot to add ‘for the girls who don’t mind a bit of dress up too’

Pre Drinks

If you’re looking for the perfect place to get in the mood before heading out.

  • Sushi Samba
  • Dirty Martini

Dinner & Drinks / Date Night

Finding the perfect place for date night or a special evening can be frustrating especially when you want that little bit more glam

  • Sexy Fish
  • Ours
  • MNKY House
  • Novikov
  • Bocconcino
  • Sake No Hana
  • Hakasan
  • The Ivy

Chill and Spend the Evening

I say ‘chill’ but proceed with caution this means there is music and a DJ it’s not a club, it’s still relatively loud but you can still sit down and relax but get up and have a dance if you must haha.

  • Rumpus Rooms
  • Madison Rooftop
  • Radio